Mobile Mantenance teams

AziWin Mobile is the mobile extension for AziWin Eleva, designed and developed for all mobile devices, which allows to exchange information between technicians and company, to reduce radically the timeframe of all back office manual phases, to supervise the activities of technicians and to automatically gather the processing times.
AziWin Mobile dialogues directly and in real time with the AziWin Eleva information system of the company.

For technicians and maintenance teams

It is possible to manage calls, maintenance visits, repairs, inspection visits, automatic time collection and new repair/production orders.

For management and sales

It is possible to supervise the technicians, the history of the work carried out, the estimate/order portfolio, the account statements, the invoices and lift contractual information.


Usable with any kind of smartphone e tablet
Low hardware investment cost
Reduced time and costs for every notification between the company and the technicians
Immediacy of the available information
Optimization of decision-making processes
Back office timeframe and costs reduction
Intuitive and user friendly interface
Utmost confidentiality and safety of data
Full integration with the company call center or the external one

Photos and videos insertion

Technician can accompany the service report with multimedial contents , which will allow the company to gather and highlight the processed job, documenting the status of the system before and after the intervention.

Ehiglighting of systems in proximity

The technician can display the maintenance visits list, short-term scheduled, concerning the systems, which are geographically nearer to the place where the intervention is going on. An optimal solution for minimizing time wasting between an intervention and the next one and therefore optimizing time and travel expenses.

System identification with Technology NFC

The NFC reading is quick, removes the problem of the duplication and damage of barcodes and ensures that the technician is on the system both at the beginning and at the end of intervention, that is when the NFC reading is required.

Jobs history display and quotation

It is possible to display the jobs history for every intervention (call/visit/repair), which have been done on a specific system and the quotation/order list in real time. All data are read on demand, whenever they are useful. Therefore they are constantly updated without any need of automated or manual synchronization.

Supervisors management

It allows the supervisor (supervising foreman) to display in real time the workload of every technician (who he manages), according to the hierarchies decided by the company. It allows him to display on Google Maps the latest known position of every technician, to assign them calls, to supervise the jobs processes and to report the daily activities..

Management of multiple participants

The technician can ask for the cooperation of one or more participants for every kind of intervention (call/visit/repair), who will manage the intervention, everyone through his handheld device (even if it does not occur simultaneously).

Automatic association of the intervention report

The Eleva Mobile managed calls, visits and repairs generate the pdf (which the technician can even print on site) in AziWin Eleva, which contains the intervention report with the customer’s signature taken by the mobile device. The report can be subsequently automatically attached to the invoice.
smartphone-penna copia-ridotta

Gather signature

For each type of intervention it is possible to collect the signature of the customer on the touch screen of the mobile device. It is also possible to place a single signature on multiple calls or visits on the same day in mega condos or multi-plant facilities belonging to the same customer.
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