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AziWin Eleva is the ERP designed and developed for companies specialized in the installation and maintenance of lifts, elevators, escalators and lifts equipments in general with the aim to supporting and facilitating the customer in daily operations, making them simple and immediate. It allows to better manage the automation of all business processes and to solve specific problems like orders, calls, visits, billing cycles and management of maintenance teams. It is high efficient, customizable and modular. It meets the specific company needs and there is the possibility to extend the mobile usage by specific Apps. AziWin Eleva runs on Windows and use Microsoft SQL Server database, which ensures maximum safety and scalability. AziWin Eleva Apps are available for Android and iOS. AziWin Eleva is constantly updated and it supports the continue and constant technological evolution offered on the IT market. This bring our costumers benefit from the remarkable technical and commercial advantages.


Project standardization, complete integration, no data redundancy, inheritance
Native integration with mobile solutions
Native integration with MS Office application
User friendly
Information always available in every phase
Multi-company and multi-user with security and confidentiality data management
Multi language
Advanced customizable reporting tools
Query manager for free data analysis
Query and print layout customizable by user
Print queues management with own tool


The software manages all equipments data (geolocation, technical and administrative data) to automatize the operations and the processes of AziWin Eleva. The procedure allows to manage the equipments per geographic area and building manager (both internal and external). The user interface is organized in different specialized frames, that can be easily consulted in suitable tree views.


It is possible to manage calls from the opening to the closure, and insert the data for the possible invoicing. During the call opening phase it is possible to query the technical/administrative situation of the system in real time, always through the buttons available in every function, with “push” evidence of the possible Post-it related to system/administrator and presence of “repeated” calls on the system. It is possible to manage the total intervention received call process. During the call entry, the procedure allows to query in real time the call history, the customer statement of account, possible quotations/orders (actual), the job history and the visits maintenance history.


The maintenance visits are optimized through “the automatic planning” (the system assigns the months in which of the foreseen visits), the “Dynamic planning” (the program automatically calculates the visit dates on every lift equipment in relation to the past visits and the expected days between visits) or “manual planning” (the days and the visit schedule are generated directly by the user).


It allows to save inspection visits dates which are foreseen, in order to plan the job and entry the visit dates, when it takes place and in particular the result (positive/ positive with reserve/negative), the commands list (with the possibility to point out in a following phase if they are fulfilled), the corporation, engineer, the type (ordinary or extraordinary), the calculation type to determine automatically the following visit date according to the cyclic months number which are indicated on the system (date of the effective visit execution or date in which the visit was foreseen), the engaged technicians, the taken times, a possible action to perform (for example do a quotation) and possible printed comments in invoice.


The repair orders cycle is supported on all steps: the offer, the tender, the materials required, the work order and the invoicing. Every change is tracked and versioned. The repair order includes the description of the activities, the required materials and the price and costs calculation. The work order for the technicians is created into the repair order and sent by email or App. The Gantt diagram helps in planning the activities.


New lift equipment and modernization projects are supported over all phases: the quotation with the forecasted economic result, the operations with the timetable of every activity (supplier order for materials, team scheduling,…), the invoicing strictly connected to work progress status.


It allows the daily working times for every company worker. It is possible to entry for every worker/day: job type performed (call, maintenance visit, inspection visit assistance, assembly, repair, etc.), the taken time, the hour classification (ordinary or extra-ordinary), eventual notes.


The module provides the bidirectional data interchange between the Call Center management software and the integrated information system AziWin Eleva, allowing the removal of all entry data phases to be performed in the company, which relate to the phone calls management and automatize communication on the Call Center system status. The inserted data from Call Center in its own ERP are acquired “in real time” from AziWin Eleva and viceversa.
Over 200 Clients
Over 200000 lifts
Over 1000 users
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