Customer Webportal


It’s the portal which allows the elevator companies to make available in real time to the residential complex directors, their customers and every tenant the updated situation of their systems (contracts, interventions, invoices) managed by AziWin Eleva. Thanks to ElevaWeb you can easy and intuitively consult, via Web, the status of the intervention orders, the results of the inspection visits, the sequence of maintenance visits as well as the contractual and accounting situation and the present quotations.


Immediacy of the available information for builinding manager, customer and apartment owners
There is not any software to install on devices
Intuitive and user friendly interface
Secure access to data with appropriate access codes
Layout customizable by user
Exportable data in excel

What can you view with ElevaWeb?

With ElevaWeb it can also view the invoices, both those associated with the individual intervention and all those issued to the customer.Data is show through web service and can be read by users to whom access is allowed, such as building manager or entities, by assigning them credentials.End users (Building managers / Customers / Apartment owners) can decide how to customize each grid by choosing what information to display, always choosing from those allowed by the lift company.The lift company logo and AziWin Eleva data will be visible through a simple real-time browser.

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